When you start a new business you think about potential property. What will the costs be? Which location might be suited? How much space do you need? Which neighbourhood is it situated in? How many parking spaces do you need? Especially in your starting phase you would like to keep the costs as low as possible. However do keep in mind that this might change in the future. Think about staff you might hire, do you want to be able to invite customers, or do you want to work from your own home? You might grow tired from working at home.

The block principle

Initially we limit ourselves to guiding a select number of professionals as investors in commercial real estate. Therefore we have formed a number of valuable partnerships with foreign and domestic banks who invest in property. At adFidem we work according to the block principle. This means that you decide which service we can provide for you and how far we can take this service. We can help you from A to Z. This way you can benefit from our network of legal advisors, accountants, investors and realtors.

Craftmanship in real estate

If needed we can accompany renovation projects. Through our banking contacts and network, we deliver craftmanship in real estate. We work in the following cities: Den Haag, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Groningen, Enschede and Eindhoven.

Interesting investments in real estate

We often get tips from our network for interesting projects for real estate investments. Even before these projects are released for public sale. We can help you to facilitate a swift and proper sale for a sharp price.

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