Legal advice

As a new business owner it is important to be well informed. On our website you will find important points of attention. We have provided you with a checklist with important questions about legislation, agreements, obligations and rights.

Rights and obligations as a business owner

Are you planning to start a business alone or with a business partner? You can either choose a V.O.F. or a B.V. construction. But which consequences does this bring? Did you make agreements and did you have them put on paper? Which conditions are mentioned in the rental agreement and which rights and obligations do you have when you hire new staff members?

A head start for new business owners

adFidem will help you to find your way in the many rules and help you to make the right choices. This will give your business a head start. That’s the exact reason we started our business: to help business owners to make entrepreneurship easier and more fun.

Checklist new business owner

  • Is my company name still available?
  • Has the business been registered properly?
  • Has the proper legal form been chosen?
  • Have all of the needed licenses been requested?
  • Won’t you infringe on existing brands, models, or patents with your business?
  • What will your obligations be towards your staff, and do you meet these obligations?
  • Have the terms of agreement been set and do these apply to the selling agreements?
  • Have you made legal arrangements with your business partner?
  • If you are renting a property, has the lease been properly arranged?
  • What is your debtors policy?
  • Have you arranged your accountability?

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Questions which you as a business owner should give some thought. Contact us for a free intake. Because of our expertise and experience we can help you to persue your dreams!

What are your rights and obligations as a starting business owner?
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