Are you an entrepreneurial type?

In all circumstances you are dealing with start-up costs.
These costs depend on the type of business you plan to start. A lot of starting business owners are not in the position to decide their own costs and take out on a loan.

adFidem will put work out some essentials in an understandable manner for you.

Form a business plan

Before you can start your business you need to form your own business plan.
This might be difficult, time consuming, or even meaningless to you. However it is of critical essence for the start of your business.
The sum of your loan might even depend on it. The worse your business plan is, the bigger the chance is that your loan will be denied.

We highly recommend to put you time, effort and energy into this business plan. Ask people around you to help you, and to think with you. A well-considered business plan is the basis for your company, and eventually for you dream!

Starting business owner? Make a concrete business plan!

  • What do you want to accomplish with your business?
  • What kind of business are you starting?
  • What are your specific entrepreneurial skills?
  • Why are you better than your competition?
  • How will you make your money?
  • How will you pay back your investors?
  • Make a SWOT-analyses
  • What does the future look like?

A business plan is different for each company. There is no standard format. However, there is one rule of thumb: the better you can construct your idea’s, the bigger the chance is that you will have success and get a loan.

Financial plan for your business

Make a financial prognoses of your starting business. Think about the amount you would like to earn. How will you make your living? This is important to an investor. Are you capable of paying back the potential loan? Be honest and be realistic. Don’t make false promises, especially to yourself. At adFidem we understand that this might be difficult to do. As a starting business owner you might not be experienced with these matters. We would love to help you make a realistic and profound financial plan.

Passion, passion and even more passion

Beside a well formed business plan, it is important to be credible and be able to bring your story across. Investors will believe in your business plan, and therefore in your story. It is the main reason they want to invest in you and your business.

Investors can be very critical. They want your plan to succeed. Be prepared for this. How will you manage all the different tasks? Perhaps you are not excellent at all the different tasks that are needed to make your business successful. Matters like bookkeeping, financing, offers, new business and IT. How will you handle all these matters?

The right loan for starting business owners

A loan with the bank is the traditional way. However there are countless other possibilities to get a loan for your company. This proves to be a difficult task for many new business owners. We would like to help you with this process, because without initial capital it is difficult to start a new business and therefore to chase your dreams. And nothing makes us more happy, then to help new business owners succeed and realize their dreams!

Do you have questions about the right financing for your company?
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