Starting your own business is quite an undertaking. You might even wonder what you have gotten yourself into. But it is a beautiful and adventurous thing, that you are chasing your dreams! However you will probably need an accountant or bookkeeper that can help you to achieve this dream.

Accountant vs Bookkeeper

This depends on a number of factors. How big is your business when starting? Do you have staff members, and if so how many? Are you not able to keep up with your own administration, then an accountant or bookkeeper can help you. The accountant has the jurisdiction to make depositions of financial reliability. A bookkeeper is only allowed to do so for smaller numbers.

The numbers need to add up

It is of the essence to keep up with your administration. Don’t have the time, or does it prove to be difficult? Then you can outsource your administration. When the IRS comes for a random check, you need to be able to account for your administration. That’s why a lot of new business owners choose for the help of an accountant or bookkeeper. Of course it is also good to deepen into this yourself.

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