Starting your own business, an adventurous, exciting and challenging step! However we have regretted it. We also hope we can help you to experience this yourself. That’s why it is our goal to help business owners get a head start with their new business!

Helping starting business owners

Before starting a new business you have a lot of work to do and questions to answer. How do I registrate my company with the chamber of commerce? Which legal form should my company have? Do I need to take out an insurance? What will my hourly fee be? And can I get an investment? We would like to help you with honest and passionate advice. Floris & Herman, pleased to meet you! Two warm, energetic and sincere entrepreneurs.

Who is Floris?

Floris, married, father of two and living in Pijnacker. ‘’I used to work for an insurance agency from Rotterdam as an acceptant of insurance claims. In 2010 I made the choice to start my own business in insurances, mortgages and other financial services. I’ve never regretted it for a single moment!’’

Who is Herman?

Herman is an energetic, reliable entrepreneur. ‘’In 1974 I started as an assistant-accountant at the firm of De Tombe Melse & Co in Leiden. Since then I have grown as an entrepreneur in financial services. During my years as an accountant I have been team leader, partner and gained a ton of experience. The fun factor is very important to me!’’

Herman loves a challenge, that’s why he started adFidem.
. A real templayer, with hands-on mentality.

The reliable partner in business for (small) business owners!


Family comes first to both Floris and Herman. They like to make culinairy trips and visit

Characteristics Floris

Integrity, reliable, punctual, social, family-men. Brings out the best in others.

Characteristics Herman

Thinks in solutions, honest, reliable, integrity. Puts others needs first and is a glass-half-full kind of person.

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