Existing companies

We also help existing companies. It happens quite often, that business owners are already in their business for a couple of years, but certain areas still haven’t been covered. It is of the essence to get these affairs in order. adFidem helps businesses accomplish a fully covered and well organized business.  

Other affairs

It is easy to forget about the non-primary business affairs. However you should think about things like your legal form, administration and legal coverage. adFidem can help you to answer these questions. We provide a coach who will help you get all your affairs in order. Whatever the question is, we provide the solution!

Extensive network

Because of adFidems years or experience, we have created an extensive network. We can help on many different levels. Such as:

Our extensive international network allows us to offer high quality services at a sharp price.   

Cost efficient entrepreneurship 

An example which allows us to keep the costs low. Imagine you are hiring an attorney from firm X. Then you will pay the costs of the attorney, but also a sum of overhead costs. Such as a building, employees, internal costs, administration costs, transportation costs et cetera. We can provide attorneys who are self-employed and don’t charge any of these costs, while being able to provide services of the same quality.


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